Joe Miller
  • Coach Evaluator
  • Ratings:
    • Static Line Instructor
    • AFF Instructor
  • Other: Videographer
  • First jump: 1993
  • Jumps: 10,000+

AFF Instructor and former Tandem Instructor. Lead videographer at Perris Valley Skydiving School for 15 years.

Videographer for many events at Perris including P3 Big Way Camps.

Memorable experiences:

  • Doing my 2000th jump from 2000 ft. on Jan. 1, 2000.
  • MTV's Real World Cabo San Lucas in 2001
  • Nevada State Record participant in 2001.

Sponsor: Bonehead Composites.

Originally from San Diego Ca., starting jumping in 1993 at Air Adventures Skydiving-Brown Field, San Diego with my best friend.

Interests include playing blackjack, hiking and back packing.

One of the best things about skydiving is meeting interesting and diverse people.