Strong Enterprises Tandem Course

Step 1: Pre-qualifications

FAA requirements:

  • Three years skydiving experience
  • 500 free-fall jumps
  • USPA or FAI expert license

Strong Enterprises Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Minimum 3 years skydiving experience (logbook verification required)
  • Logged 500 free-fall jumps (logbook verification required)
  • 50 jumps within the last 12 months
  • USPA D license or foreign equivalent
  • Holds any USPA instructional rating or foreign equivalent
  • One intentional or emergency cut-away**
  • Four hours of documented free-fall time (logbook verification required)
  • Current FAA Class 3 medical certificate or parachuting physical approved by a national parachuting association or military
*If only missing the “cut-away” requirement contact SVPS about special equipment that is available to satisfy this requirement*

Please bring copies of the above along with your logbook(s), photo ID and USPA membership card or foreign equivalent.


Step 2: Buy the S.E. TICC Packet

Strong Enterprises requires each candidate jumping in Canada and the USA to purchase a tandem packet before the course starts. This packet contains the course materials and rating application. Also included is the TICC written exam. This is an open book exam and should be completed prior to the start of the course. TICC packets can be purchased either by calling Strong Enterprises @ 407-859-9317 or by e-mail @:

  • Cost for the Strong Enterprises Tandem packet is $150.

Keep in mind that packets are typically mailed using US Postal Service. Order your packet early enough that you are able to review the material before your course.

*Non USA residents who don’t intend to do tandem jumps in Canada or the USA do not need to purchase the tandem packet but instead pay a $40 rating fee.

STEP 3: Attend a TICC Course:

You will be expected to provide proof that you meet all the requirements to attend the course. You will also be expected participate in all portions of the TICC and successfully complete all ground training and training jumps

Course Details


The Strong Enterprises Tandem course usually takes 3-4 days depending on weather and number of candidates. You should prepare for one full day of classroom instruction complemented with demonstrations, videos and techniques.

  • Day 1: verification of requirements. Classroom lectures, demonstrations & videos. Tandem techniques; exits, drogue fall, canopy & landings. Jump #1, candidate in passenger position, (time permitting).
  • Day 2: classroom session, videos and demonstrations. EP review, evaluation jumps 2-6, (time permitting).
  • Day 3: EP review, completion of evaluation jumps. Complete any unfinished course business. End of course interview.
  • Day 4: if needed, completion of any course business.


Strong Ent. breaks down their evaluation jumps into 2 phases.

  1. Phase I: training jumps 1 thru 5 under the direct supervision of a Strong Ent. Tandem Examiner.
  2. Phase II: practice jumps 6 thru 10. Normally the practice jumps are conducted with an SVPS Instructor as the passenger. Experienced jumpers who meet the requirements may accompany a candidate on a practice jump but only after a pre-jump briefing and with the approval of the course examiner.




If you already posses a current tandem rating from an approved tandem manufacturer you can cross train to the Strong rating. Cross-over candidates will attend the classroom lecture and be required to complete TICC jumps according to their experience level.

  • Less than 100 tandem jumps: all Phase I and Phase II jumps
  • 100-499 tandem jumps: Levels 1, 3 and 4
  • More than 500 tandem jumps and 50 tandems within the last 12 months: Levels 1 & 4
  • All potential candidates must purchase a TICC Packet from Strong Enterprises.
    Please contact SVPS for pricing on cross-over training

For the course candidates should bring:

  • Medium or baggy jumpsuit
  • Open face helmet or leather hat
  • Audible altimeter if you have one
  • Wrist mounted altimeter

*Candidates are welcome to provide their own tandem systems as long as the gear meets the following:

  1. Must be in date
  2. All components must be in compliance with manufacture’s guidelines
  3. Equipped with an approved AAD in working order
  4. In an overall air worthy condition
All systems will be checked by an FAA rigger before be used in the course.

For gear rental and packing prices please e-mail us via our contact page.

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