Pro Rating Course

Ever wonder what it's like to jump into a stadium full of cheering spectators, an air show or maybe a local high football game? With a USPA Professional Exhibition Rating you can experience the thrill of jumping into large or small venues, become an ambassador of the sport and share your love of skydiving with others. SVPS now offers a Pro Rating Course to help you achieve your dream of becoming a Professional Exhibition Skydiver.

SVPS is proud to have Jim Wallace as our Pro Rating Course instructor. Jim holds multiple world records and lists numerous movie and TV credits to his resume. He has also been awarded the USPA Gold Medal for Meritorious Service and inducted into the USPA Skydiving Museum Hall of Fame.

During the course you'll receive instruction on how to file paperwork with the FAA for certificates of authorization, NOTAM's for jump operations and set up and manage ground crew for safety aspects and crowd control. You'll also learn how to estimate costs and bid on a demo, survey demo sites and communicate with local officials. You'll receive advice on how to select your jumpers and organize your show.

You'll also receive training on how to present yourself to the media. As a Pro Rated Skydiver you represent the USPA and skydivers worldwide.

The course includes two jumps where you'll learn to rig and jump with a flag, streamer and smoke.
Course Details


  • Requirements to attend course; 500 Ram Air jumps and a USPA D license.
  • Additional requirements for pro rating;
    • 10 accuracy jumps*
    • and work as ground crew on a level 1, level 2 or stadium jump.*
      *not included in course, not required to attend course*


  • Cost of the course: $350  (does not include cost of jump slots)
  • There is a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve a slot in course. Deposit goes towards course fee.

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