Camera Course

Camera Flying 101 is a two day course that introduces you into the exciting world of flying camera. Whether your aspirations are to film big ways, competitive teams, student operations or just for personal enjoyment, this course will teach you the basics to safely and competently fly with a camera.

Course Instructor Joe Miller, who has over 20 years of skydiving experience, has been the lead videographer for the Perris Skydiving School for the last 15 years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge to share with others.

Topics covered in the course range from safety aspects of jumping with cameras to the proper gear for the job including helmet types, jumpsuits and camera accessories.

  • What type helmet is best? A full face or half shell?
  • Do I need large wings for maximum drag or should I go with medium?
  • Can I wear the same jumpsuit if I'm filming tandems, AFF or big ways?
  • What's the best camera for my intended use? What settings should I use?
  • Learn the differences in lenses, should I use wide angle, what size?
  • Set up your helmet with switches and indicator lights.
  • You'll practice multiple exit techniques for different types of jumps, tandem, AFF or 4-way.
  • Learn about the latest software to help you edit your videos for a professional quality product.
Course Details


  • Must be a licensed skydiver
  • Minimum 200 jumps 


Before you jump you'll review emergency procedures and get advice on how to minimize the potential for injury via stretching and exercise. Then you'll make two jumps to practice what you have learned and receive a detailed debriefing on your work.

SVPS requires documentation of 200 jumps to attend the course as per USPA recommendation 6.8 of the SIM.  A current log book must be presented to course instructor prior to start of class.


  • Course Fee: $350  (does not include cost of jump slots)
  • There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a slot in the course. Deposit goes towards registration fee.

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